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Marrakech City Travel Guide: is a web site and an online travel guide of Marrakesh city whose main goal is to provide travelers from all over the world with fully detailed information about Marrakesh city. From now Marrakesh visitors can save both time and money, instead of researching web sites one by one or buying many travel guide books, they can find useful and updated information in Marrakesh city travel guide as one web site.

Marrakesh City Travel Guide:

Marrakech city travel guide features not only the best places to visit inside Marrakesh medina and the new town of Gueliz and Hivernage, Marrakech landmarks including: Museums, Gardens, Medersas (Coranic schools), Palaces and mosques…etc but also a wide variety of accommodations and where to stay in Marrakesh. The Marrakesh accommodations listed in Marrakesh city travel guide range from hostels/Inns, cheap small hotels to luxury hotels and palaces through mid-range hotels in Marrakesh as well as the other different type of accommodation in Marrakesh called: Riads or guesthouses, usually located inside the old medina of Marrakesh. The riads in Marrakesh were ancestors palaces, houses and traditional residences transformed into a different lodging style in Marrakesh; the riads; most of the riads in Marrakesh compromises 5 or 6 rooms /suites some more, all riad rooms have windows overlooking a fountain in the middle of the riad, the riads in Marrakesh also have an open-air-courtyard and interior garden.

Marrakech City Travel Guide Vision: is an independent Moroccan owned and managed web site by two lovers of Marrakesh and Morocco as a kingdom. We have come to know Marrakesh very well and Moroccan culture in general. While Marrakesh is internationally & nationally known as one of the leading tourism destinations in the world and Morocco is growing country in tourism sector. Marrakesh is still less developed in terms of marketing compared to some competitive destinations worldwide. We believe that a marketing tools and advertisement possibilities such as internet is necessary to promote and enhance the visibility of Marrakesh and Morocco as a real tourism destination. Therefore, we have come to an idea of creating a Marrakesh online travel guide to provide updated and good quality information for independent travelers in one side and promote Marrakesh as an unbeatable destination.



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